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A performance, in performing arts, generally comprises an event in which one group of people (the performer or performers) behave in a particular way for another group of people (the audience). Sometimes the dividing line between performer and the audience may become blurred, as in the example of "Young People's Participatory Theatre" where audience members might get involved in the production. Singing choral music, and performing in a ballet are examples. Usually the performers participate in rehearsals beforehand. Afterwards audience members often clap, indicating appreciation. However, sometimes this rule is reversed. In Japan, the greatest compliment is complete silence. Further information available from the The Musical Museum and the Royal Academy of Music

Performances, for example in theatre, can take place daily, or at some other regular interval. Performances can take place at someone's house, in a subway, or even at a dollar store. Talent, on the other hand, is subjective. We offer help to put on, hold and advertise (with our partners at Adaccus Marketing and O2) gigs within the UK:

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The Institute, designed by Charles Harrison Townsend, is a rare example of early Art Nouveau in London and the Great Hall is a magnificent Victorian public hall. It is easily accessible by all forms of public transport and the surrounding area is full of cafes and restaurants with lively street markets on Sunday.